The way everything started …

Meta Rentzsch was on way to visit her daughter Hiltraud Elise Elsing, who emigrated as a young woman from Germany to South Africa.

She met Mother Theresa on the plane from Nairobi to Johannesburg, who was on her way to the townships of South Africa. The long talk moved Meta Rentzsch so much that she decided together with her daughter to visit the townships of Cape Town. First stop was the biggest township in the area: Khayeltisha. They were shocked and appalled of what they experienced there.

Meta Rentzsch, 1989 in Khayelitsha

When Meta Rentzsch came back to Germany she immediately founded the Förderverein Khayelitsha 1989 e.V. Haltern am See. They started straight away to try to collect funds and to inform about the devestating situation in the townships.

Hiltraud Elise Elsing began to get in touch with local companies to get material donations for the building projects.

Over the course of the many years Meta Rentzsch and Elise Elsing with a lot of other helpers experienced the joy of helping and seeing the seeds grow.

Meta Rentzsch received the order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her extradordinary efforts in 1997.

Although the political situation has changed with Nelson Mandela, there are still many issues about poverty and its consequences that have to be adressed. Förderverein has so far completed 15 projects for South African NGO’s.


local business


Fruits seller, Dezember 2011


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